Wooden Dinning Set For Your Restaurant

Why have a wooden garden dining set? Well for starters, this will be a great match for the grill. Remember, you are using wood chips from different trees--and these add flavor to the beef. So why not round up the entire experience with the wood-works motif?

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An Affair to Remember

Doing so will make it a full sensory experience for you and your guests. And that makes it truly memorable for everyone concerned. When you have a theme or a motif and one that is consistent all throughout, your guests and neighbors will tend to cherish your hosting for years to come.

Children, especially when they grow up, will remember their attendance with fond memories. The same principle is at work for restaurants with wooden garden dining set. So once the government gives the thumbs up for reopening amidst the pandemic, you're off to the races.

Your Secret Weapon: Surprise, Surprise!

You can use whatever time that you have left to refine your ideas. Don't forget, competing with other restaurants will be tougher this summer. Therefore, being prepared is key to having the edge. This means that you must have the dining set waiting in the wings somewhere.

The Shape of Things to Come

So when the time comes to open your restaurant doors once again, your competitors will be at a loss about what hit them. Now before the furniture pieces, you have to consider the fact that everyone will still be practicing social distancing. That said, you and your staff will need to find creative ways of maximizing the use of space. This means that anything that has no use should be out of the picture.

That Roll-in-the-Hay Temptation: What to Do with It?

Rolls or squares of hay can make an excellent separation device instead of dividers. And for the tables, it's time to switch to ordinary picnic tables made from cheap lumber. In fact, the more worn-out these tables look, the more authentic your presentation will be.

Don't have enough hay or you don't want any guests rolling in the hay? Try Palochina for dividers, instead. Or you can alternate with hay and the recycled wood from Manila to alleviate design boredom. The Asian wood-works come in the raw as container crates, so they can double up as chairs if needed. No worries, they can be quite sturdy. And they're cheap to import too, if it comes to that.

And Now for Your Centrepiece

Every great restaurant has to have a focal point, like a room or semi-room reserved for special guests. You may want to populate the special section with authentic tree stump serving as tables. An impossible dream?

Calling All Park Rangers: Is Anyone Out There?

Guess what, you can inquire with park rangers close to your area for old trees that may have been cut down recently due to strong winds. Now these will not cost you an arm and a leg. Treat them, varnish these stumps if you like. But the more raw they are, the more the rings of the trees show.

So again, for authenticity's sake you might just want to save yourself the trouble of polishing those centrepieces. So there you have it, all the missing links to your restaurants of the near future and the new normal. You're all set!